There are 2 complementary steps to sharpen your blade.

For these two operations it is necessary to keep an angle of 20° to 30° (you should never scratch the blade!) And it is necessary to work by pressing strongly and moreover regularly.

Very fast movements doesn't bring anything more to the quality of the sharpening and it just increase the possibility to cut yourself or to scratch the blade.

These operations require only a few minutes and a little bit of practice.
Before starting on your new knife, try on an old one.

• Renew the thread of a blade that no longer cuts:

On a water stone type "Coticule des Ardennes Belges".
Wet the stone with some drops of cold water, make a circular motion by slightly increasing the angle little by little.

When the steel start to "scrape" it means that you've reached the right sharpening angle.

Repeat the circular movements on the stone surface maintaining the same angle.
Repeat the same operations on the other side of the blade.

Do not hesitate to add some drops of water more if you see the stone becoming too dry.

• Maintenance of a sharpen thread:

On a sharpening rifle of quality, magnetized, of good length (25cm of length).

You need to perform 2 gestures:
I) Above the rifle
Move starting from the bottom of the rifle and the heel of the blade, take your movement to the upper part of the rifle and the point of the blade.

II) Below the rifle
Move from the end of the rifle and the heel of the blade to the rifle guard.
Repeat these steps two or three times.