Horns, Deer wood, Ivory and animal-derived handles

All of these are natural materials, avoid wetting otherwise it may eventually crack.

The horn is composed of keratin, like feathers, nails:
it is for this reason that there is a great variety of colors and that this magnificent material requires a minimum of maintenance.

The horn requires two times a year to be passed with animal fat of tallow type.

Ivory doesn't require particular maintenance, just some precautions to not let it too much exposed to water or sun for a long time.

French or exotic wooden handles

Wooden handles can pass under cold water.
In any case, these woods remains fragile materials.

If the wood becomes dry or tranished, use a soft cloth and pass some drops of linseed oil on the handle to "feed" the wood to make it brighter.

Aluminium, stainless steel, resin, acrylic handles

These materials are very resistant, and therefore
recommended for people with a not careful
temperament or whose hobby is fishing.

Aluminum, stainless steel and acrylic handles
are water resistant.
In all cases, they must be wiped after use and
the mechanism must be maintained.